Possible BSC. CSIT Entrance Interview Question / Answer

Question No. 1:

Why have you chosen CSIT as your career pathway?

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There are so many reasons that I have chosen CSIT as my career pathway. In BSc CSIT, I can get more practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. This course helps me to improve my analytical skill and makes me creative, which seems ladder for technological development.

        Computer has become necessary need for our daily life. It is the key point for development of entire country, from where scale of power determines, and is essential tool for the educational systems too. These days are day of IT and Its sure that, this course will be better for people like me who is excited to learn something from Digital world and want to utilize those knowledge in our real life.

            Nepal's education system is  traditional, in the sense that; they are just book dependent which can't fulfill our need properly. As far as i know, This is the field where skilled manpower is less than actual need, which leads scarcity of technical environment, to fix them, I will complete my graduation with very good job profile which is capable for software designer, project manager, web developer, AI specialist, programmer etc. As mentioned above, these jobs are very much fabulous depending upon student's knowledge, ability, skills and are good paying. The best thing is i can start my own business by serving clients online as a freelancer to earn money, and of course money can do everything.

Now a days, the world is getting closure with technology and i hope i can do something with CSIT, that's the reason behind choosing CSIT as my career pathway.

Question No.2:

What kind of college environment should you expect be?

   College environment refers to the environment around the college which plays a vital role for our learning skill and progress. I wish the environment provided by college will be friendly. Maintaining proper environment is essential for student's ability to learn and keeping college discipline is one of the proper environment.

 The 3-E, Education, Environment and Experience are directly linked between student, teacher and college to create a good bond with each other. It needs lots of schedule to conduct together, One of them is understanding the problems, and need of students to help them to recover. This will make good reputation of college and bright future of students. Classrooms needs to be isolated from noise, and other disturbance. In the context of laboratory, the place, where student gains practical knowledge, It needs to be well equipped. The college library is must and treat politics as a dust, that's what i am expecting for.

Question no.3:

After your graduation, how would you bother contribution to your family, neighborhood, society and the nation?

       In state forward, Giving Time, Financial support to family as well neighborhood, Serving society with my skills to solve the problem of them, and the technological innovation for my country to introduce NEPAL all over the world by representing natural beauty and resources to help tourism for remittance.

Note: This content is written by me (Ashwin thapaliya) during my
admission interview assignment at 2070 BS

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