Possible BSC. CSIT Entrance Interview Question / Answer

/* Note: This content is written by Ashwin thapaliya for his admission interview assignment */

Question No. 1:

Why have you chosen CSIT as your career pathway?

There are so many reasons that I have chosen CSIT as my career pathway. In BSc CSIT, we can get more practical knowledge as well as theoretical. This course develops creative and analytical skill which provide a basis for technical problem solving.
        Computer has become necessary for our daily works as well as for the development of entire country and powerful and essential tool for the educational systems. Now a days every fields are connected with IT. This course will be good if we learn something from Digital world and can utilize in our real daily life.

            Only the book dependent education is not able to fulfill our need. As far i know, After CSIT, we can get very good job profile. We can work as; software developer, project manager, web developer, AI specialist, programmer etc. These jobs will be very much fabulous depending upon student's knowledge, ability, skills and would be good paying. And the best thing is we can start our own business. We can also do online job to get money. We can do works either 16 hours a day or 6 hours a day.    

Now a days, the world is getting closure with technology and i hope i can do something with CSIT, So I have chosen CSIT as my career pathway.

Question No.2:

What kind of college environment should you expect be?

   College environment refers to the environment around the college. It plays a vital role for our learning skill and progress. The environment provided by college must be friendly. Having proper environment is essential in student ability to learn. The college environment will be very good if both college and students keep proper discipline.

 Someone said to me 3E, that is education, environment and experience. There will linkage between students, teachers and college to create a good bond with each other. They have lots of schedule to conduct together. They must understand the problems and needs of students and help them to recover. This will make the future of students good and the college’s reputation also. Classrooms must be isolated from noise and other disturbance and the laboratory, where the students gain practical knowledge also have to be well equipped. The college must have perfect library from where students can take the books and get knowledge outside of the course. And the college must not be affected by politics.

Question no.3:

After your graduation, how would you bother contribution to your family, neighborhood, society and the nation?

       After my graduation, first of all my responsibility would be go for my family. I should have to do job or I have to find the way to earn money and I have to help my family financially.

      After that as a members of my society, I would share my knowledge to them about information technology and try to make my society familiar with technical knowledge. I would suggest them to take a technical training for the peoples who is educated but jobless.

       And after that, my main responsibility goes to my nation. I would lead my country forward to the new technology and I would introduce my country all over the world. If possible, I would bring out all of the natural beauty and resources of Nepal to the worlds to help tourism.

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